Performance Car Hire have been supplying hire cars to the Insurance and Fleet industry since 1996. Our service is swift, responsive and reliable. We deliver nationally and across Europe and are members of the BVRLA, promoting responsible road transport. Our member number is 7878


Who we are

Performance Car Hire have been supplying hire cars to the Insurance and Fleet industry since 1996. Our service is swift, responsive and reliable - delivering vehicles nationally and across Europe. We have a complete range of performance cars at competitive prices; sourcing standard, commercial and specialist vehicles at discounted rates. Our staff are well trained and committed and our service, the best in the industry.

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Had An Accident?

If you have had an accident please call us on 0845 034 6985

If you are involved in an accident that was not your fault, why should you be inconvenienced?

Performance Car Hire deal with thousands of motorists each month who are involved in such accidents and we are able to help you in the following ways:

We will arrange for the repair of your vehicle in the area in which you live, via your repairer of choice or via our network of manufacturer approved repairers, and arrange for the responsible party, or their Insurer, to pay the costs.

We will also arrange for you to have a suitable replacement vehicle equal to your needs.

In most cases we can arrange for your excess to be waived and your legal costs will be dealt with via an insurance policy we will put in place for you.

If you are injured, our experienced panel of specialist solicitors will ensure you recover maximum compensation, along with loss of earnings and property damage.

Call us on 0845 034 6985 if you have been involved in a non-fault accident and we will advise you how we can help.

Complete our claim form or email us - we will ring you back within the hour.

Please look at our FAQ’s below for further information.

We will quickly confirm that the incident is not your fault and arrange to have your vehicle recovered to a safe place and stored pending repair if it is un-driveable.

We will arrange with the third party for them to approve the repair and provide you with an appropriate replacement vehicle during the duration of your repairs.

We will arrange legal representation, if necessary, and recover compensation for expenses you may incur, along with compensation for personal injury if you or your passengers have suffered injury.

If you have a legal expenses policy in place that covers you for your legal costs, we can arrange your representation via that policy, or arrange an “After the Event" policy which will cover your costs.

Will I end up with a big bill?

No, the charges you incur for repair, hire and out of pocket expenses will be claimed back from the responsible party.

What about my Insurance Company?

We will advise your Insurers of the incident but, wherever possible, will recover via the responsible Insurer, therefore avoiding you having to pay your excess.

We will try and ensure that whatever type of vehicle you have; Prestige car, 4x4, people mover, standard, motorbike or commercial, that you receive a near equivalent to your own vehicle.

It will be necessary for us to demonstrate you need the vehicle, for example, because you transport your family, or a prestige car because of your status at work. This is common sense and if you had a car of this type before the accident, it is not difficult to satisfy an insurer that you need it after an accident.

If we can establish that there is a third party we can trace and that the accident is not your fault, you will be provided with a vehicle immediately.

Our specialist solicitors have 25 years experience of dealing with personal injury claims and will ensure you and your passengers receive maximum compensation and appropriate medical treatment.

Performance Car Hire is a provider of hire vehicles within the Insurance industry. Performance Car Hire provides many replacement vehicles to Insurers as well as members of the public and has an excellent longstanding reputation for honesty and ethical trading.

As a result of this, Performance Car Hire are able to negotiate a reasonable rate for the replacement car you need with the Insurers who act for the party responsible for your accident.

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